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Parent To Parent of Georgia

The state organization, Parent to Parent of Georgia, provides support, information services, training and leadership opportunities for families who have children and youth with disabilities.

Disability Services
Easter Seals of Southern Georgia

Early Intervention
Babies Can't Wait

Purpose of the Program

  1. Provide a coordinated, comprehensive and integrated system of services for infants and toddlers with special needs, birth to 3 and their families.

  2. Provide early identification and screening of children with developmental delays and chronic health conditions.

  3. Improve the developmental potential of infants and toddlers birth to age 3, with developmental or chronic health conditions.

Family and School Partnerships
SEDL: National Center for Family and Community Connections

The SEDL National Center for Family and Community Connections with Schools links schools and districts with research-based information and resources to effectively connect schools, families, and communities. It emphasizes connections that directly impact student achievement in reading and mathematics, as well as connections that contribute to the students' overall success in school and in life.

Family Networks
Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families Electronic Library contains hundreds of resources to help strengthen families—whether working directly with families, developing staff or programs, or making the case for using the Strengthening Families approach. 

Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership
Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership

The Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership builds communication between the home and school through their special education parent mentors. They collaborate with parents to increase their involvement, both in addressing concerns as well as in reaching targeted goals to improve all children’s achievement levels.

Parent Engagement
National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education

The National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education serves as a clearinghouse for resources created by local, state, and national partners that help build and facilitate effective family-school partnerships. Resources can be searched for by audience, subject, or organization. 

Parent Engagement Program: Georgia Department of Education
Parent Engaement Program: Georgia Department of Education

The Georgia Department of Education Parent Engagement Program provides many resources and examples of best practices, K -12, from around the state to help schools and districts build parent capacity. Information is also available for parents on various topics that they themselves can use to increase parent engagement and as a result improve student achievement.

Parent Teacher Associations
Georgia Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Georgia Parent Teacher Association (PTA) provides many family engagement tools to assist parents in helping their children be successful students

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) National Standards for Family

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) National Standards for Family – School Partnerships provides a framework for how families, schools, and communities should work together to support student success. The National Standards Implementation Guide also provides detailed explanations for each of the PTA standards and practical suggestions for how to engage families in the education of their children. 

Miller County Schools