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Dear community member,
please use the link provided below to participate in our 2015 Needs Assessment Survey.

Thank you for helping improve our schools.


Thank you to each and everyone who participated in the Kangaroo Spirit Pump Promotion. The promotion allowed our school system to receive a penny for every gallon of gasoline that was sold during a month last year. The max amount of money schools could receive was $2000. We received the full amount allowed. The money was divided between the schools evenly in our school system. The Miller County Schools utilize this money to buy classroom supplies, supplies for our nurse, equipment for physical education classes and other items needed to conduct school. After such success, the District Manager, Scott Barefoot, has agreed to conduct this promotion again during the month of February. We urge everyone to come purchase gas at the Spirit Pump, promoting pennies for education.


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It is our hope that you will find any information you may need about our schools. You can find links to each school and department above.  A system calendar can also be found above.  Our schools may also have their own events located within their school site.  Also, be sure to check out the news section for more information about what is going on within the Miller County School System or to find out what's new on the web site. If you wish to enroll a student or obtain a transcript, please contact the school directly. Each school's contact information can be found by clicking on the link above for Schools. To access Parent Portal and view your childs grades & attendance click here.  The Miller County Board of Education is a part of the Georgia public school system.