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Gifted Education

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Provided documentation that a student is achieving in a high perentile in academics, motivation or creativity; parents are notified through a recruitment and/or identification process by approved evaluations that their child is in the need of specialized instruction that enables them to access their curriculum in an accelerated mode. Upon establishing eligibility, parents are informed as to the degree for which their child must maintain their high level of performance in order to continue receiving specalized instruction.  The Gifted Education teacher is trained to recognize the unique performance modes for which a student demonstrates proficiency and provides specialized alternate strategies for acceleration in a variety of settings.

Option A- The student may qualify on the basis of mental ability and achievement assessment results only (regardless of the assessment results in creativity and motivation).  In this case the mental ability test score must be a composite or full-scale score.  The composite score must be at the 99th perccentile for students in grades K-12.  The composite may be in the 96th percentile or higher for students in grades 3-12.  In addition, students (grades K-12) must meet at least one of the achievement standards described in the SBOE Rule 160-4-2.38: 90th percentile Reading, 90th percentile Math, 90th percentile total achievement test battery, or superior product/performance assessment.  No student may qualify on the basis of mental ability test score alone.


Option B- The student may qualify by meeting the standards in any 3 of the 4 data categories, at least one of which must be on a nationally-normed standardized test.  Component scores as well as full scale scores may be used in the area of mental ability.  However, component scores must meet the criteria specified in Gifted Education regulations.


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