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96 Perry Street, Colquitt, GA 39837 | Phone: 229-758-5592


Technology Department

Vision * Our vision is to support the District vision by providing a personalized, engaging, and modern learning environment in which technology invigorates, expands, and enables effective curriclum, instruction and assessment to prepare students for their future and connect Miller County School System to the greater world community.

Mission * Our mission is to support the District mission while providing support and coordination of the best possible technology for productiivity, learning and school improvement.  

Belief * Every child should have equal access to a safe technology platform which allows them access to global resources.

Services Include:

  • Web-base e-mail system for both Administrative and Academic environment using Google Exchange Server
  • Online Learning Management System. Power School
  • High Speed, secure data network utilizing a CIPA approved Firewall and Filtering System (CISCO 5515 ASAx)
  • Computer labs with a myriad of softwares installed for instructional requirements.
  • Student computers in all academic core content classrooms
  • Campus-wide high bandwidth wireless capabilities for both Administrative and Academic environments
  • Smart - Interactive white boards in over 95% of classrooms
  • Technical HelpDesk Support through the Spiceworks platform
  • Each teacher has access to a computer with high speed internet access
  • School wide phone system with call out capabilites in every classroom
  • Security camera system with remote view capabilities for Administrators
  • Bell and public announcement system 

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