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Professional Learning
Pirates- reaching our potential in relentless pursuit of excellence
Pirates- reaching our potential in relentless pursuit of excellence


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Professional development is learning to earn or maintain professional credentials such as coursework, workshops, professional networking, collaborative communities and informal learning opportunities situated in practice. It is intensive and collaborative, and has an evaluation component to determine effectiveness. MCSS provides professional development opportunities to ensure that Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Administrators are most effective when:

  • Staff recieve leadership and technical assistance to improve student outcomes
  • Collaborate in the school improvement process
  • Ensure that academic programs ensure student success
  • Maintain professional learning goals that support the system's comprehensive improvement plan
  • Provide a variety of opportunities aligned to rigorous standards




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March 2017
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Check out some of the new items on the Help & Training website. These items have been asked for by users all over the state. You can access the Help & Training page anytime from within SLDS (top right hand corner). 

*The 5 Steps or Less user guides. These are simple one-page "cheat sheets" that teachers have routinely asked us for.
*A link to review some information about the soon to be released TestPAD.
*The SLDS Flyer titled "Why Should My Staff Use SLDS to Help Our Students
*Webinars are NOW AVAILABLE for all 7 of the Teacher Training Modules, plus several webinars directed toward Admins and support staff.
*Attendance continues to be a focal point to improve student achievement.
*And a quick user guide to assist teachers in ALL grade levels KK-12 to view reading level scores for students.
Over the past few months, the TRL application has been infused with many new resources. All of the previously available GAA Resources Board resources are now available in TRL. A user can do an Advanced Search and select "Program" from the 1st dropdown and then select "SCD = Students with Cognitive Disabilities" from the 2nd dropdown.

The second huge group of new resources comes from SAS Curriculum Pathways. SAS "offer[s] more than 1,600 resources in all the core disciplines." Users can find those resources easily by doing an Advanced Search and selecting "Publisher/Host" from the 1st dropdown and typing in "SAS" in the 2nd dropdown.

Click here for the "5-Steps or Less" that demonstrates how to do an Advanced Search .


Users will find additional resources in the "PD" app. All users, Administrators and Teachers, should have access to the "PD" tab within SLDS. The "PD" tab is on the blue menu bar, usually between "Growth Model" and "GOFAR." New resources include many "Microsoft" training resources, "intel Education," Reading resources from "Comprehensive Reading Solutions," and online FBA/BIP training modules from "The Center for Leadership in Disability at Georgia State University." These new resources compliment the "GA FIP" modules that have been inside of PD for over a year.
A new feature that has been asked for repeatedly has now been added to the Admin Dashboard. Administrators at the School and District level now have the ability to review historical Lexile levels of their students. Administrators will find a new option on the "Historical Dashboard" dropdown. Once selected, the user will see Lexile performance aggregated and displayed by the students’ current grade level. Users can click on the desired color on the grade level bars to view the students in that grade level that scored in that category. By default, the display shows the most current school year with Lexile data, but the user can select previous years from the "Fiscal Year" dropdown located in the gray header. Users can go all the way back to the 2006-2007 school year and view the Lexile scores of those students.
*The ability to see or not see the Lexile option can be managed locally via the "Profile Manager"



























































SLDS is pleased to announce the availability of the 2016-2017 Milestones' Winter EOC data. High School users have the ability to see the EOC results that were completed in the winter semester of this school year.

New to the "Historical Dashboard" - Administrator level users, both at the District & School level, have access to aggregated reports for several new assessments. In the past, this assessment data was only available on the student profile page. Since most of these assessments are portfolio based, the user could review the PDF for most of those assessments. Now, administrators can access the data reports for even more assessments.

On the blue menu bar, users can click on the "Historical Dashboard" then  select "Assessment." The flyout now includes the new assessment reports.

Administrators can see both the ACCESS (Assessing Comprehension & Communication in English State to State) scores and the Alt ACCESS scores. This assessment is given to most EL students across the state.

Elementary and Primary school administrators can see early grade level assessments, such as GKIDS and PREK (work sample online). Even Head Start assessments are available- if the Head Start provides that assessment data in your area.

Administrators can also see GAA (Georgia Alternative Assessment). This report allows the user to see the list of students that had the GAA rather than the Milestone assessment- very helpful with SWD.

*The ability to see or not see these assessments can be managed locally via the "Profile Manager"





The Georgia Department of Education's SLDS training team provides training on all components of the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) free of charge to any Georgia public school. Each session is tailored to suit the audience in attendance and the allotted timeframe provided by school or system level personnel. All sessions are designed to be "hands-on" so attendees should have access to computers during the sessions. Once a training request is received through email or the Training Request Form, a GaDOE trainer will reach out to the requester to discuss training options to meet the needs of the school or system.
Click here for a full description of each of the training options listed below
Teacher Training Series - 7 Sessions (35-50 Minutes each)
*Data Overview
*TRL Overview
*TRL Extended
*Lexile-Reading Comprehension
*Social Data- Attendance, Enrollment, and Course Grades
*Assessment Data
*Differentiation Based on Data
*Teacher Refresher

Administrator Training
*Basic Administrator Training (120 Minutes)
*Extended Administrator Training (120 Minutes)
*IIS Data Analysis Tool (120 Minutes)
*Gifted Eligibility Form (60-90 Minutes)
*Learning Object Repository In-Depth Training (90-120 Minutes)
Note:  Customized options for training can be arranged based on the needs of individual schools or systems. Trainers can be scheduled to provide multiple types of the trainings described above over the course of one day. For example, we can arrange an administrator training in the morning and a teacher training in the afternoon.

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