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Pirates- reaching our potential in relentless pursuit of excellence
Pirates- reaching our potential in relentless pursuit of excellence



Get The Latest Notifications In Your E-Mail Inbox And On Your Cell Phone



Notify Me© is a feature of this website which affords visitors to the district website the opportunity of subscribing to the website for the purpose of receiving important "at will" electronic news and announcements.


Use the notify me icon at the top of the page to activate an account.


The service complies with the TCPA which regulates auto-dialers and prerecorded messages. This is a subscriber services and provides opt out features. Click the Link below to sign up.

 Please note that  Google G-Mail automatically identifies "Notify Me" as a promotion. Notifications will be stored under the promotion tab. If you want To receive the notifications in a primary inbox use the following steps to allow "Notify Me" notifications to appear.


Step 1: Go to your G-mail account and log in.

Step 2: Hover mouse over the "Gear" below your email address in the upper right of the screen. "Click" the down arrow.

Step 3: Hover your over the "configure inbox" and "Click the mouse" "Click" to open the "Select tabs to enable"

Step 4:   Click the √ in the Promotions box to clear the box

Step 5: Click "Save" in the bottom right


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