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2016-17 Project Pirate PARENT SURVEY "CLICK HERE" 

To Our Project Pirate Parents:

You are one of our most important resources and our biggest ally in working with your child. As such you have both rights and responsibilities. 

It is your right to:

  1. Have your concerns heard.
  2. Expect your child to be in a safe and secure environment.
  3. Come visit and see what we do.
  4. Know about your child's progress.
  5. Find out about the program and how we are doing.

You also have responsibilities as a Project Pirate Parent:

  1. Keep us updated on address and phone number changes-we need to always be able to get in touch with you.
  2. Come to Celebrate Success Parent Nights.
  3. Let us know first when you have a problem-give us an opportunity to solve any issues.
  4. Help us deal with misbehavior. We want your child to behave responsibily and appropriately just as much as you do. Let's work as a team.
  5. Be a volunteer if you can.
  6. Please observe pick up windows and avoid meal times and the last 10 minutes of the program (until 6:10).
  7. Inform us of any medical or allergy issues and/or emotional/family concerns (if it may impact your student).
  8. Complete all paperwork, surveys, etc., in a timely manner. We have to have this to continue the grant that benefits your child.
  9. Please, please enforce attendance. If our students do not attend, Miller County Schools will lose the grant and lose such a wonderful opportunity to help our students.

Next Parent Meeting:  March 6, 2017 @ 5

Final Parent meeting for 16-17: May 2 @ 5


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