Every five years our school district is charged with creating a master plan of our facilities. This is called our Local Facilities Plan. These plans must be reviewed and approved by the State Board of Education, committee review team, and our local Board of Education. 

Included in the plans are some of our goals that we are currently working to complete or see as a need of improvement for the facilities in the Miller County School District. However, keep in mind, we can add additional projects as we deem necessary.

The video in the link helps paint a picture of our school district and what our current facilities look like along with what we have to offer our students. We hope you find the video interesting and formative. As always, we strive hard for Miller County Schools to be one of the best rural school systems in the state of Georgia.

Thanks for all your support of our students and staff,

Shane Miller,

Superintendent of Miller County Schools


Facility Review Team Video

Shane Miller-Superintendent