I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Miller County Board Members for entrusting me in this position of leadership for the staff and students of the Miller County School System. I am truly honored to have been chosen to lead and grow with the many fine educators in this system. My wife, Cheri and I have been educators for a combined 41 years. We have served in the trenches like many of you and we have seen great hardships, like many of you, as well as tremendous challenges, as you have. We have fought the tough fights and we have come out the other side. No doubt, we all face many future challenges including new budget hurdles, new testing issues, and current instructional/academic challenges... not to mention ongoing critics and attacks from external sources both economic and political. Through dedication, commitment, and teamwork, we will succeed!

I began my career as an educator 22 years ago in the school system I graduated from. I served two years as a paraprofessional for two students with disabilities.

Between working and going to college, I finished my Bachelor of Science in Mt. Vernon, GA and graduating from Brewton Parker College. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science, a Master’s in Educational Leadership and a Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction. Furthermore, I recently completed the two-year Georgia School Superintendent Development Program. My wife of 22 years teaches seventh grade ELA at Atkinson County Middle School. We have two daughters (Jalen and Riley).

I have served as a teacher (elementary, middle, and high), a coach, an Assistant Principal, a Principal, and a Director of CTAE. I am now entering my thirteenth year in a leadership capacity. My skills, knowledge, and experience have prepared me for this position. I understand full well how the political assaults have impacted classroom teachers and how the billons in cuts to Georgia’s public schools have hurt all system employees and students.

We must have a priority and a focus. It must always be the needs of the students. In all that we say, think or do…we must always keep the first thing first, and the first thing must always be the students. They are our priority, our focus, our reason for being here.


I feel I have always been a servant leader. That is my full intentions as we grow together to make Miller County the best it can be!

Again, it is an honor and a privilege to serve as your Superintendent of Schools.


Shane Miller

Shane Miller-Superintendent